Call To Register: (813) 892-3276
Riding Range at: 35534 SR 54,
Classes at: Gables Motorsports
Wesley Chapel (I-75 and SR 54)

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Motorcycle Training Basic Rider Course

The basic Motorcycle Training course classes teaches motorcycle riders the basic skills needed to safely ride a motorcycle. Since the 2 day class size is limited to eight, you will receive the attention you need to ride confidently.

Thank you for trusting us to serve you with your riding needs.  Whether it is to learn how to ride for the first time or get your certification for licensing, we hope you have an enjoyable experience.

Please note the items you will need to bring:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeves
  • Over the ankle shoes (cannot be canvas)
  • Eye protection (glasses or sunglasses or visor on your helmet)
  • Full fingered gloves (do not have to be leather)

(If you have a helmet, please bring it.  It must have a DOT endorsement which you will find on the back, if you do not have a helmet we will supply one).

You may want to bring your own water bottle, Gatorade and some snacks. We will have water on the range.

The class schedule is flexible depending on the size and skill levels of the students.  Generally, we spend the first 2-3 hours in classroom time each day, take a break for lunch, then spend 4-5 hours of riding time on the range.  We will have classes regardless of weather.


  • Thursday, we begin at Gables Motorsport’s class room at 8:30am at 28009 Wesley Chapel Blvd., Wesley Chapel.
  • Friday, we begin at the range at 7:30 am for about 5 hours finishing the riding lessons and taking the riding test.  We then go to Gables Motorsports to finish the classroom sessions and take the written test. We should be finished by 3 pm.


  • Saturday, we begin at Gables Motorsport’s class room at 8:30am at 28009 Wesley Chapel Blvd., Wesley Chapel.
  • Sunday, we will begin at the range at 7:30 and complete the riding exercises and the riding test between noon and 1 pm.

If you have any questions please call me at 813-892-3276.

Under Age 18:  You must have either a notarized waiver or parent must be present to sign. 

Thank you,

John Kuespert