• What do I need to bring?

    You are required wear the following for the Basic Rider Course, these items are required by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation guidelines. Failure to bring wear the following will prevent you from taking the class!

    • Please have shoes over the ankles – closed toe! (required)
    • Long pants (required)
    • Long sleeve shirt (required)
    • Gloves (required)
    • Sun Glasses (optional, but recommended)
    • We provide bottle water, but you are welcome to bring additional drinks, food, snacks to store in our cooler.


  • Do I need to bring my own motorcycle?

    Nope! Tampa Motorcycle Training provides training motorcycles for the Basic Rider Course!

    Type of bikes we provide:

    • Honda Rebels
    • Honda Nighthawks
    • Suzuki GZs
    • Scooter ( depending on availability)
  • How long is the course?

    The Basic Rider Course is 15 hours total. Comprising of approximately five hours of class room time, and ten hours of riding.

    ALL courses in the state of Florida will be 15 hours , the difference between schools is cost, schedule, and availability .

    For Tampa Rider Training , we run a 2 day course:

    Day 1: 8:30am – 3:30pm

    Day 2: 730am – 2:30pm

    • Please note, the course times may shift depending on the weather. We ride rain or shine, but will pause for very heavy rain or thunder.


  • My License is expired or suspended, can I take the class?

    The State of Florida requires ALL riders to have a valid drivers license or permit. If your license is suspended or expired, we cannot enroll you into the class.

  • How much does the course cost?

    Tampa Motorcycle Training runs three times a week:

    • Monday & Tuesday ( subject to availability)
    • Thursday & Friday
    • Saturday & Sunday

    The weekday courses cost $174.00 , The weekend course is $189.00

  • Do I need to take the test at the DMV?

    Nope! As part of the basic Rider Course you will take the multiple choice test administered by us after the classroom portion. After the range portion, you will take the riding test. Once you complete both, you can register at the DMV with NO additional testing.

  • I have an out-of-state Drivers License, can I still register?

    Yes, Absolutely! During registration be sure to set your DL state, zip code correctly. Once the course is completed, take the DL to the DMV to register your endorsement in the state of Florida.

  • Can I bring my own motorcycle?

    No unfortunately, we do not allow riders to use their own motorcycle for insurance reasons.